Logistics software Singapore

Today is the world of competitive markets and the companies need to cope up with the upcoming challenges of the fluctuating markets. Logistics software Singapore provides end-to-end, best IT-based logistics software solutions that help businesses to meet the challenges of the market and increasing competition. The competitive logistic software made by logistics software Singapore offers best solutions to companies who are into logistics and finance to increase their business and get more and more profits. The transportation activities along with internal give and take of products are very crucial when it comes to logistics. With the help of this software it is easy to keep track of every movement, whether internal or external.

This software helps companies to maximize profits and earn more and also have better control over logistics activities. With the help of this software the whole process of transportation and logistics becomes automated. Thus, it helps to keep track of every activity discreetly. The transportation of goods from booking, documentation, bill of lading and insurance to actual compliance and powerful track and trace features are some of the important attributes of this product.

The software tools provided by logistics software Singapore have various functions, which are as follows:

  • Completion of all shipping documentation with accuracy

  • Efficient tracking and tracing of inventory movement all-over the world
  • Ability to manage, use and retrieve all transportation data at the click of a mouse
  • Complete compliance in documentation
  • Automated transportation-related data
  • Other regulatory features

Logistics software Singapore is expert in providing best logistic solutions and tools for logistic management to all kinds of businesses to match up the ever-growing competition. We are also experts in providing technologies like EAI, Business Intelligence, and ERP systems.

The following are technologically related solutions provided by us:

  • High-end solutions Delivery

  • Legacy Systems Migrations
  • Able technology Consulting
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions
  • Warehouse Management solutions
  • Transportation Management System
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Portal solutions and development
  • Content Management systems
  • Comprehensive logistics platform development

With the help of logistics software Singapore the companies, which may be small or big, get high-end solutions for their requirements. They get the following benefits:

  • Management, processing, retrieval and storage of all transportation goods and their data
  • Maximum use of resources
  • Diminished inventory levels
  • Able handling of information across the supply chain
  • Better customer service
  • Tracking the physical movement of inventory
  • Efficient Planning, optimization and execution of business operations
  • accurate inventory tracking and enabled informed decisions
  • Accurate orders and optimized deliveries
  • Improved visibility of entire shipping process
  • best practice workflow establishment
  • Maintaining Export laws and regulatory requirements

Logistics software Singapore’s logistics management information software helps businesses to streamline transportation and logistics processes. It also helps to cycle time, giving them an advantage in the world of competitive market. This software helps in synchronizing the supply chain, removing inefficiencies, and increasing profit. With integrated logistics solutions from logistics software Singapore you can focus on your core business while we take care of your logistics automation needs and help you to achieve better profits.

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Fleet Management

You might have come across the term Transportation fleet but failed to understand it. This article is all about the term fleet management and the different terms related to it.

The term Fleet Management is referred to as a company’s “Transportation Fleet”. Either an in-house fleet-management department or an outsourced fleet-management supplier manages this. It includes mercantile motor vehicles such as cars, ships, vans and trucks, as well as rail cars and incorporates a variety of function. For example: vehicle financing and maintenance, vehicle telematics driver management, fuel management and health and safety management. It is a utility, which allows such companies who depend on haulage in trade and commerce to eliminate or curtail the risks coupled with vehicle investment, recuperating efficiency, productivity and dipping their overall shipping and staff expenditure. Thus, providing 100% acquiescence with government legislation (and many more. In Singapore, fleet management vehicle tracking system is generally GPS based, the most widely used tracking technology.  It helps the fleet manger in his day-to-day work. That could be either the assignment of the work or maintenance of the record and data intact, or the scrutinizing the fragmentary activity.

Most of the cab facilities and taxi services in metro cities in Singapore  rely on tracking skills. They get information of a call through this technology, which is sent by their fleet manger, and then they reach to the place of the call using the tracking technology. These technologies also give information about the swiftness of the vehicle distance travelled; halts made how long were the halts made and several others that can come handy for both the passenger and the manager. The bill at the end is also generated on the estimation made with the assistance of this technology. This management includes safekeeping of the vehicle while closed or not in process and the capability to safely immobilize a vehicle while in manoeuvre. This allows the fleet manager to convalesce stolen or rogue vehicles while plummeting the chance of misplaced or stolen cargo.

Therefore, Fleet Management can prove to be a career opportunity. The greatest mechanism for altering in fleet management in the next 10 years will be “technology.” It is getting gradually more high-priced to function a fleet. There are diminishing opportunities to reduce charge and augment fleet effectiveness using conventional fleet management techniques. A mounting number of firms are investigating (or are more approachable) to technology-based fleet solutions.

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Implementing “Low Battery” Alerts for Old Vehicles

Companies are keeping their vehicle fleets due to high COE

Our client is in the logistic business and the company has a fleet of old vehicles. Older vehicles are prone to higher maintenance cost and frequent breakdowns due to common wear-and-tear. The cost of C.O.E (Certificate of Entitlement) for commercial vehicles(category C) have broken new records again at $52,004 during the Feb 2012 bidding exercise. It makes no wonder why companies are holding onto their old but functional workhorses.




Implementing a “Low Battery Warning” feature for our logistic client

Older vehicles tend to break down easier than new vehicles. We implemented a “Low Battery” Alert features for our clients as part of the value-added services. When vehicles’ DC voltage are below the safe level, our system will send an email alert to the company administrators who can view from their desktops and smartphone:




Not Just About Tracking Vehicles

Coolasia Fleet Manager Program is not just about tracking vehicles and its location. It is essentially about capturing real-time vehicle data and transmit to our data center for further evaluation and analysis. In additional to monitoring vehicle “Live” and tracking their history, Coolasia Fleet Manager Program allows organizations to gain a deeper understanding of how their vehicles are being utilized on a periodic basis.



Companies are spending more than $100,000 Singapore dollars for a 14-footer lorry. It makes sense for the company to “make full use” of this
High-value asset. Coolasia Fleet Manager Program generates reports that show vehicle level of Idling, trip mileage, locations, RPM, power voltage, driver’s start-work time and end-work time and more. These reports can then be further analyzed. Business owners always like to ask ” Is this investment well justified?” Coolasia Fleet Manager Program provides all the answers

As the article is being written, we heard rumors that LTA is yet again tightening the Category C supply. Who can place the last bet that next month COE won’t rise further? We await.


Interested to manage your fleets the smarter way?

Contact Coolasia Technology Private Limited to learn more:

Telephone: (65) 65520668

Email: info@coolasia.net

Website: www.coolasia.net

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Track your fleets with Iphone & Androids!

We are delighted to announce the arrival of a smart phone program for Coolasia Online Fleet Manager software.


With the smart phone program, users take total control over their fleets wherever they are. The phone-tracking interface is amazingly simple and easy to use. With only a single page overview, users can track all their fleets in real-time and manage alarm straight from their smart phone.


Fleet Status

Date, time, addresses and alarms(if any) are updated on each vehicle every minute. The vehicle list can be sorted by date, name and alarm. You can also filter vehicle list by using the search icon located on top. Tap onto the vehicle number to access to vehicle details or tap onto the map icon on the right to access to vehicle map location.


Vehicle Information and Alarm

The vehicle detail page show more insights into selected vehicle including engine on/off status, motion true/false, speed and satellite details. The alarm page shows any pre-configure alarm events such as speed alert, geo-fencing alert, low battery alerts and many types of alerts that you wish to configure.


Live maps

Tap onto the map icon next to vehicle and you can see vehicle’s real-time position on the map. You can show and hide vehicles with the menu above the map.


You can show your own position on the map by tapping the ME button the map. This is great if you want a visual reference between your location and the vehicle location.


The info button provides more details of the vehicle.


You can also enable Google Street View by dragging the human icon located on the top left to anywhere on the map.


Interested to know more about Coolasia Online Fleet Manager, please contact by by visiting:

Our Website: http://www.coolasia.net

Our Email: info@coolasia.net

Our telephone: +6565520668

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Implementing GPS + Driver Identification System

Buying more vehicles for expanding business also means employing more drivers to do the job. Most companies face the problem of unauthorized usage, excessive usage of vehicles by an expanding pool of drivers. The company manager has little time to check the log book and drivers simply have least motivation to register his usage on book.

Poorly maintained vehicle

Vehicles are poorly maintained and there are simply no accountability for vehicle usage. When management experiences poor visibility of its vehicle assets, its assets value depreciate more than normal. Vehicle maintenance cost is abnormally high and this is not helped by its poor resale value due to poor condition.

Most companies fail to consider that a good fleet management system helps to take care of its fleet assets by instilling discipline and accountability to the usage of its assets. Log books that are traditionally used for vehicle check-in/check out are no longer followed. There are ambiguity of the record and this method is no longer a serious effort if any company wants to “protect” its fleet from  asset deterioration. So what can your company do?

Implementing a Driver Identification (ID) for vehicle usage

The concept is simple. Throw away your log book and automate the driver-vehicle relationship. Like a door access system, Coolasia Fleet Management System provides usage logging with GPS data on the drivers behind the wheels. Who drives which vehicle? What date/time and where and how did he drive? A systematic report could be generated to provide company management with insightful information about its drivers and its vehicles.


Using I-button as Driver ID.

Our client has a fleet of 50+ vehicles with over 70+ full-time and part-time drivers. Its vehicle fleets expand rapidly over the 5 years course and we recommend a Driver ID system to complement with its existing Fleet tracking system.

Each driver is assigned a ibutton tag that can be chained together with their personal key chain. It is not easy to lose your personal key chain! Every time driver wants to use the vehicle, he will tap onto the reader. His ID number will be sent to Coolasia Data centre for logging. Without the ibutton, the engine cannot be started, obliging drivers to tap onto the reader.

ibutton tag and reader


Driver-Vehicle usage report

When a driver-ID is implemented on top of the Fleet Management System, the company is able to witness tighter control on the usage of the vehicle. As fleets becomes bigger, control becomes difficult.

Moving into a challenging 2012 year with global uncertainty, every company in Singapore/Malaysia could take this opportunity to better manage their company resources. Coolasia Fleet Manager is an affordable system for both MNC and Small-medium enterprise. Contact us today to start learning how to increase productivity and cut cost.


URL: http://www.coolasia.net

Email: info@coolasia.net

Telephone: (65) 65520668

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Implementing GPS + temperature monitoring for your fleets

Coolasia Fleet Manager provides an easy-to-use platform for companies to monitor both their vehicle fleets’ location and deliveries temperature. Both F&B and cold-truck leasing businesses can improve their fleet efficiency on the following ways:

How your company can benefit:

  • Office admins reduce unnecessary callings to drivers for job dispatch.
  • Customers are more satisfied, now that they know when their deliveries will arrive.
  • Office manager can better allocate the drivers’ deliveries even with last minute schedules. i.e. Just-in-time
  • Drivers tend to drive more safely and reduce unnecessary detours for personal reasons. Mostly likely you witness fuel usage drop to the more conscious driving by drivers.
  • The management acquires better understanding of its vehicles’ usage level necessary for better business decision making.
  • Temperature monitoring (for Quality Assurance (QA) requirements) which used to be a manual job can now be automated.

Installation Pictures:

GPS Temperature Monitoring System 001GPS Temperature Monitoring System 002GPS Temperature Monitoring System 003GPS Temperature Monitoring System 004

Report Samples

  • Real-time temperature logging for Quality Assurance (QA) Standard Reporting: Temperature data together with GPS data can be collectively transmitted for real-time viewing and data collection. Data could be further filter according to customers’ reporting requirements.

GPS Temperature Report 01

  • Event-based temperature reporting for crisis/alert management: Temperature alarms can be configured to send SMS/Email alerts to authorized recipients against abnormal temperature reading. For example, alerts can be activated by SMS/Email when in-vehicle temperature is more than 5 degrees celsius. In additional, a report summary based on > 5 degrees celsius can be sent to the designated QA team for evaluation purpose.

GPS Temperature Report 02


Obviously, there are many benefits associated with tracking of your fleets. Whether you are using this technology to manage your fleets better by first understanding where and how they have been utilized. To improve the dispatch coordination between office and drivers and/or finally to logging the temperature of your shipment (especially frozen food). All these can be done effortlessly with Coolasia Fleet Manager system.


URL: http://www.coolasia.net

Email: info@coolasia.net

Telephone: (65) 65520668

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