Implementing GPS + temperature monitoring for your fleets

Coolasia Fleet Manager provides an easy-to-use platform for companies to monitor both their vehicle fleets’ location and deliveries temperature. Both F&B and cold-truck leasing businesses can improve their fleet efficiency on the following ways:

How your company can benefit:

  • Office admins reduce unnecessary callings to drivers for job dispatch.
  • Customers are more satisfied, now that they know when their deliveries will arrive.
  • Office manager can better allocate the drivers’ deliveries even with last minute schedules. i.e. Just-in-time
  • Drivers tend to drive more safely and reduce unnecessary detours for personal reasons. Mostly likely you witness fuel usage drop to the more conscious driving by drivers.
  • The management acquires better understanding of its vehicles’ usage level necessary for better business decision making.
  • Temperature monitoring (for Quality Assurance (QA) requirements) which used to be a manual job can now be automated.

Installation Pictures:

GPS Temperature Monitoring System 001GPS Temperature Monitoring System 002GPS Temperature Monitoring System 003GPS Temperature Monitoring System 004

Report Samples

  • Real-time temperature logging for Quality Assurance (QA) Standard Reporting: Temperature data together with GPS data can be collectively transmitted for real-time viewing and data collection. Data could be further filter according to customers’ reporting requirements.

GPS Temperature Report 01

  • Event-based temperature reporting for crisis/alert management: Temperature alarms can be configured to send SMS/Email alerts to authorized recipients against abnormal temperature reading. For example, alerts can be activated by SMS/Email when in-vehicle temperature is more than 5 degrees celsius. In additional, a report summary based on > 5 degrees celsius can be sent to the designated QA team for evaluation purpose.

GPS Temperature Report 02


Obviously, there are many benefits associated with tracking of your fleets. Whether you are using this technology to manage your fleets better by first understanding where and how they have been utilized. To improve the dispatch coordination between office and drivers and/or finally to logging the temperature of your shipment (especially frozen food). All these can be done effortlessly with Coolasia Fleet Manager system.




Telephone: (65) 65520668

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