Track your fleets with Iphone & Androids!

We are delighted to announce the arrival of a smart phone program for Coolasia Online Fleet Manager software.


With the smart phone program, users take total control over their fleets wherever they are. The phone-tracking interface is amazingly simple and easy to use. With only a single page overview, users can track all their fleets in real-time and manage alarm straight from their smart phone.


Fleet Status

Date, time, addresses and alarms(if any) are updated on each vehicle every minute. The vehicle list can be sorted by date, name and alarm. You can also filter vehicle list by using the search icon located on top. Tap onto the vehicle number to access to vehicle details or tap onto the map icon on the right to access to vehicle map location.


Vehicle Information and Alarm

The vehicle detail page show more insights into selected vehicle including engine on/off status, motion true/false, speed and satellite details. The alarm page shows any pre-configure alarm events such as speed alert, geo-fencing alert, low battery alerts and many types of alerts that you wish to configure.


Live maps

Tap onto the map icon next to vehicle and you can see vehicle’s real-time position on the map. You can show and hide vehicles with the menu above the map.


You can show your own position on the map by tapping the ME button the map. This is great if you want a visual reference between your location and the vehicle location.


The info button provides more details of the vehicle.


You can also enable Google Street View by dragging the human icon located on the top left to anywhere on the map.


Interested to know more about Coolasia Online Fleet Manager, please contact by by visiting:

Our Website:

Our Email:

Our telephone: +6565520668

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